2007 Hayabusa

Suzuki and their engineers have toyed around alot with the new GSX1300R Hayabusa, updating its styling without sacraficing the original looks and personality the motorcycle was famout for. As a result of the new updates, the Suzuki Hayabusa appears really sleek. One of the old complaints from the busa’s detractors came from the looks department. Riders and reviewers alike complained that the bike was portly and unweildly looking, with its bulging curves and fat front fairing. While not everyone disliked the looks, a few did, and they were loud about it. The updated for 2007 Suzuki Hayabsua looks to draw in new in fans while keeping enough of its old charm to keep previous model owners. But that is not where the suzuki engineers stopped. Not by a long shot. The motor has gone up in cc’s, and while the size has increased so has horsepower and torque output. Like making the fastest motorcycle made faster was necessary. The newer Busa has also had an upgrade in the cornering department. Handling has also increase, quite a bit really. The feel of the upgraded suzuki hayabusa was significantly improved, adding a more gentle step forward. In addition, the binders of the new busa had some attention too. The upgraded brakes are a much better, and the timing could not be better.

The Suzuki Hayabusa can be a powerful engine of post-production market, parallel to the ZZ-R1400 Kawasaki, Suzuki and 115ftlb quoting 194.bhp tq for the Hayabusa. Suzuki’s new motorcycle was not limited at all in the 1st few gears, from below full output up to the speedlimiter at 186 mph.

Little has been altered on the updated Suzuki Hayabusa: It retains the same length wheelbase, and rake/trail have remained unchanged as well. However, shock and front fork have been improved and strengthened swingarm. Fortunately, Hayabusa, the brakes are radial aos now and make an excellent selection of halting the big motorcycle, with no discoloration, even on the runway. As you thought, the Suzuki Hayabusa is unable to be flung around a road course like its smaller gixxer bretheren, but if you drive it gently, it is a very rewarding ride and with a little DIY is a decent trail bike.

Completely adjustable suspension is standard from front to rear on the brand new Hayabusa and as with any big new Suzuki motorcycle there is a 3 way switch which limits power. And its not a gimmick as you really do feel the difference between output modes, as it makes the new Hayabusa alot less of a beast as it was before.

From a cosmetic standpoint, the Suzuki Hayabusa was tweaked, especially the rear, and there exists a noticeable upgrade in the terms of quality of the paint finish. I am very pleased with the new body, the quality of workmanship is first class, the paint is deep, overall its just much better than the original Hayabusa. Seeing as its a suzuki, reliability is not going to be a question.

Overall, there is not much money for probably the bike serial fastest on the planet, it will be sufficient to watch the 2007 Suzuki Haybusa as it tops the sales charts. With the quality of the finishing greatly improved, it seems smoother, but still retains the essential character of a Suzuki Hayabusa.

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