Scorpion Slip On Exhaust for Suzuki Hayabusa

Scoprion Slip On for Suzuki Hayabusa 1300

Scorpion Slip-On Exhaust – Suzuki GSXR1340 Hayabusa

* High-quality and high-performance mufflers with model-specific design; require no remapping or re-jetting.
* Space-technology sound absorption material offers consistent sound; never requires repacking.
* Dyno- and track-tested to increase overall performance, especially in mid-range.
* Stainless steel inner components and end caps (except Carbon Extreme mufflers) with mirrored stainless steel, satin titanium, flame titanium or carbon

fiber outer sleeve; Carbon Extreme mufflers feature carbon fiber end caps.
* High-exit exhausts include rear footrest kits.
* Mufflers for bikes with O2 Lambda sensors are fitted with sensor connectors.
* Available with oval or round canisters.

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